25 March 2015

Our company

logo  is a innovating and perfoming company in Networks & IT, Our expertise as Integrator is going yo your Datacenter to your Business Office.

We provide the lastest solutions in high technologies to improve and optimise your business activity.
We install operational and reliable networks systems, by creating an competitive offer of service in Networking, IT and Infrastructures. We do our best to anwser your demands in all time, our organisation let us be reactive to all your needs or suggestions.

Located in Paris, we deploy every day efficiency solutions with simplicity, so you can benefit quickly of your investment. With proximity approach, we intervent directly on site with more flexibility, and foreign for your branchs.

We develop a better quality of service to help you go foward in the future and the lastest technologies and improve your life and time.
Like our slogan Better we satisfy, Better we do. It is with this concept we share our knownledge and expertise and make a better future together.
Because tomorrow technology is already in your hands. Turst Satiscom right now and become one of our privileged clients.